4 Reasons Why You’re Always Tired

Written By

Fiona Lam

Certified neuro-emotional technique (NET) practitioner and naturopath

Can you guess which symptom motivates people the most to see me in practice? (Hint: It’s in the title of this post haha.)

9 times out of 10, it comes down to “Having a lack of energy” whether my clients came to see me for chronic pain, headaches, gut issues, hormone imbalances, weight loss, low immunity or allergies, and WHY?

Because being constantly tired causes you to…

  • Just survive day to day instead of living a fulfilling life
  • Be absent instead of being present with your family and friends
  • Lower your ability to deal with stress and perform efficiently
  • Become emotionally sensitive and intolerant
  • Numb out from feeling happiness and joy
  • Feel older than you are

It can be quite overwhelming if you really think about it…and the human body is wonderfully complex, but having more energy doesn’t have to be.

Chronic tiredness is a result of blockages in communication for healthy body function and can be simplified into 4 main reasons.

  1. Stress – Pressure from personal / family / work commitments may be something you are aware or unaware of.
  2. Nutritional deficiency – Inadequate levels of vital nutrients make it almost impossible for the body to run efficiently.
  3. Toxicity – A build-up of toxins from viruses, poor diet, medications or the environment.
  4. Structure – Musculoskeletal tension can physically block the body from functioning properly.

You can probably relate to at least one of these reasons, right?

We’ve all been guilty of putting off addressing the cause because we think that we don’t have the time, money or mental capacity for it or worse…just pushing through until we completely burn out.

Imagine instead…if you could target what’s holding you back, resolve it and wake up refreshed, energized, healthy, happy, strong, and being productive with your day to get the most out of your life and your time with your loved ones.

…Believe me, it’s possible – I’ve lived it and improved the lives of my clients that have also chosen to invest their time and energy in strengthening these 4 reasons over my last 10 years in practice.

If you’re done with having to force yourself to get through the day and are ready to LIVE vibrant again, it’s time to invest in your mind and body! Invest in yourself here.


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